Press release


For its Valentine’s Day 2018 collection, Swarovski embraces a fresh and daring take that makes it relevant to everyone, at all times. The romantic aesthetic is totally refreshed and renewed, as explains Creative Director Nathalie Colin: “Love conquers all, and love has so many facets. Swarovski is proud to speak up for diversity and all expressions of love. Therefore, in this collection, we have other love symbols in addition to the traditional heart. I took inspiration from the ribbon knot that symbolizes a lifelong commitment but also has a seductive twist to it. There is a bold cuff style, a stunning double ring, as well as more everyday jewels to meet everyone’s taste. Every piece is infused with messages of diversity and freedom to love that are very important to me – and to everyone.”

Below is a series capturing Shanina Shaik and her fiancé DJ Ruckus, as another brilliant real life couple that shines with style.